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Now Hiring: Screen Printer Las Cruces, New Mexico

Now Hiring: Screen Printer Las Cruces, New Mexico
July 11, 2016 admin

Sports Accessories Screen Printing & Embroidery, located at 250 N. Solano is now hiring for the following positions: Cashier, Screen Printer, and Embroider

As a cashier, you will be responsible for taking money in the form of cash, check, or credit card from patrons in exchange for services. Scans items, provides change, balances drawer, and processes card transactions.
As a Screen Printer, Screen printing is the act of pushing a variety of inks through a stencil and ink-blocking mesh to create unique designs, logos and messaging on canvas, posters, and (most commonly) t-shirts and other apparel.
As an Embroider, embroidery workers spend the majority of their workdays on their feet, performing repetitive movements, working with small objects and frequently lifting boxes weighing 30 pounds or more. They’re precise, consistent, independent, detail oriented, interpersonal and dependable. They’re able to identify various shades of color, work as part of a team and meet deadlines.

To join our team all you have to do is apply in our store at 250 N. Solano, Las Cruces, New Mexico

Sports Accessories is a member of the National Small Business Association.


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